Release Date: Rolling release beginning February 28, 2022

Get your Stride On!


You heard it here first! We've found our stride with Stride, a company that brings the same dedication to excellence and well-defined processes that we value to outsourced accounting. Stride and Gozynta are partnering to help you spend more time working on your business with the confidence that your back office accounting is delivering actionable decision-making. If you are looking for more help with your accounting or to outsource your accounting department, please, feel free to reach out. Learn more about Stride HERE.

To celebrate our partnership, we are offering you a one-hour complimentary strategic assessment with Stride! 🎉🎉

Bug Fixes and More

Removed support for ConnectWise Member Impersonation authentication. To prevent interruption of your service, you will need to change your ConnectWise authentication in Mobius from Member Impersonation to API Keys. This will only take about 10 mins of your time to make that switch. Do not worry we are here to help you through this process. If you need any assistance, please reach out, and we would be happy to assist you! Please contact support@gozynta.com.

Improved Inventory start date. We are removing the Inventory as of Date setting in Mobius. Now when you sync your products, we will set the date of the inventory to one day after the close of the book date. If there is no close book date given, we will use the date the item was entered into the ConnectWise catalog.

When using the Email Invoice feature in Mobius, we will include invoice CC email addresses from Manage.

Stop syncing the email address field on invoices to QuickBooks Online. When we added the E-Mail feature, we started syncing this field onto the QuickBooks Online invoice. This caused problems for some users who are setting a different billing email in QuickBooks Online and sending bills from QuickBooks Online. We’re still syncing the email address to the Customer when we create it in QuickBooks Online as we’ve always done.

If an item is missing a necessary GL account in QuickBooks, but the batch has the GL account, then we will now update the Item to add the missing GL account instead of showing an error.

Fixed Explicit Tax Mapping bug. We found that we had unclear behavior in the rare cases where a tax code that was in active use was inactivated in QuickBooks. After inactivating a tax code in QuickBooks, when a user went to our configuration screen, the tax mappings for those tax codes would show as mapped to the first item in the drop-down list. When the user clicked save then the tax code mappings would change. The user would likely be unaware they changed any of these fields. We’ve now made so those fields end up unselected so that the user can’t save until they choose valid tax code mappings.

Fixed bug with DKIM settings that was causing an error that prevented partners from adding a domain if the SPF data was longer than the maximum column length of 255

Fixed bug that marked finished with a warning as an unsuccessful transaction and caused QuickBooks Online to be disconnected. This will now set any finished with a warning message as a successful transaction.

Fixed bug that prevented free accounts from updating the credit card on file.

**For non-US QuickBooks Online connections, we have fixed a bug that would cause an error if a non-taxable detail was on a taxable PO. We will now apply the exempt tax code to any non-taxable detail when syncing to QuickBooks Online to prevent the error. **

Update the “Failed to create a Vendor” error message to have the correct Knowledge Base article

Update the “Creating member if necessary” error message to have the correct Knowledge Base article.

Improved tax code error message to read more clearly on the cause of the error.

Show ConnectWise API member in the user account configuration in Mobius. This will allow for easier troubleshooting when there are connection issues.

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