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About the program

Our program equips consultants with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in implementing Gozynta Mobius. Led by our expert team, our comprehensive training covers basic to advanced concepts. Whether new or experienced, we prepare you to tackle any challenge and become a Mobius master, driving exceptional client results. Unleash your Mobius potential today.

Why become certified?

Certification Recognition

Stand out from the crowd! When your company becomes Mobius Certified, you'll receive a professional certification seal for your website. Gain valuable recognition as a trusted consultant on our dedicated "Trusted Consultant" page on the Gozynta website, featuring a backlink to enhance your online presence. Showcasing your certification has never been easier!

Content Distributions

As a Mobius Certified Consultant, you have the opportunity to contribute articles that will be showcased on the Gozynta blog and across our social media platforms. Share your valuable insights, industry expertise, and success stories with our engaged community. Let your knowledge shine and make an impact in the world of Mobius!

Client Discount Benefit

As a Mobius Certified Consultant, you'll receive a unique code to offer your clients. They can use this code to bypass onboarding requirements for monthly customers or enjoy a tempting percentage discount for annual subscriptions. Rest easy knowing that their prices will remain unchanged as long as their account remains active. Enhance your client relationships and provide them with exclusive perks and savings!

Early Access Advantage

As a Mobius Certified Consultant, you'll enjoy early access to Gozynta's exciting bi-monthly feature releases and release notes. Be the first to explore the latest enhancements and functionalities. Plus, you have the power to offer your customers a head start by seamlessly transitioning them to the new features in the first wave, showcasing your expertise and providing them with a cutting-edge experience. Stay ahead of the curve and lead the way in Mobius implementation!

Trial Copy Offer

As a Mobius Certified Consultant, you'll receive an exclusive test copy of Mobius. This trial version allows you to experience the power and versatility of Mobius firsthand. Explore its features, experiment with different functionalities, and gain invaluable insights to better serve your clients. Get ready to embark on an exciting hands-on journey with Mobius!

Exclusive Meetings

As a Mobius Certified company, you'll have the privilege of an annual private meeting with Brian and a dedicated Gozynta representative. This exclusive session allows you to actively participate in shaping the future of the Mobius product. Share your valuable feedback, discuss upcoming plans, and contribute to the evolution of Mobius based on your unique insights. It's your chance to directly influence the product roadmap and collaborate with industry experts for mutual growth and success.

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