Your computer should work for you, not you for the computer

Gozynta connects your systems together to make sure you enter your data once, and it "goes into" all the systems that it should.

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Gozynta Tixt

Gozynta Tixt

SMS for ConnectWise Manage. Don't just text your customers, Tixt them!

Gozynta Mobius

Gozynta Mobius

Sync ConnectWise Manage with QuickBooks Online.

Gozynta Payments

Gozynta Payments

Automatic billing, get paid faster.

Our Clients love us!

They do a fantastic job. On time, on budget, great people to work with! They really know their stuff.

Karen from Kentucky

I have worked with programming companies before and was expecting to go back and forth several times until what I originally requested was created, but [Gozynta] got it right the first time. Very awesome.

Scott from Idaho

During a series of integration calls, your professionalism and expertise was apparent, and it became obvious we made the right decision.

Doug from Massachusetts

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in the meantime, here’s a bit about us.

Hi, I’m Heather Johnson, co-founder and COO of Gozynta.

Gozynta is a company with empathy at its core. Gozynta started out as an MSP, going through the trials, woes and growing pains that all MSPs do. They began to develop integrations to automate some of those tasks that take up so much time. It ended up being a great success, so successful that they were able to spin off as a separate software company called Gozynta.

Our co-founder/CEO, Brian Johnson, is always looking for ways to make life easier but maintaining high standards. He often is asking our team (or also our children), “Is there a better way to be tackling this?” He listens to MSP owners throughout the world to hear what their struggles are, suggesting easier ways. Our products are the result of hundreds of conversations with business owners, striving to find the best way to make them work.

It’s through that empathy to solve peoples’ problems that I decided to join the Gozynta adventure with Brian. I also married the guy… but that’s another story I’d be happy to tell at another time. An empathetic leader is a great person to go into business with. It makes you feel good everyday knowing that you are helping other businesses be successful.

Since we started, we have grown our team substantially and brought on other people throughout the country who share our empathy and have a desire to make our software suck a little less every day.

Finally, the question we are most asked, “What’s a Gozynta?” Before we started the company, Brian would tell me about when he was a small boy working with his grandfather fixing some doohickey that was broken. His grandfather would ask him to pass the “gozynta” (or perhaps gazinta, or guzinta). When I asked what the gozynta was, he’d point to what he was working on (for example an empty screw hole) and say it’s the thing that “goes into” here. Considering that our products make data go from one system to another, it seemed like the perfect name for our company.

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