Your computer should work for you, not you for the computer

Gozynta connects your systems together to make sure you enter your data once, and it “goes into” all the systems that it should.

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    SMS for ConnectWise Manage. Don't just text your customers, Tixt them!

    Custom Development

    Create a system integration for your company's unique requirements.

    Mobius Connect

    Sync ConnectWise Manage with the accounting system of your choice.

    Our Clients love us!

    They do a fantastic job. On time, on budget, great people to work with! They really know their stuff.
    Karen from Kentucky
    I have worked with programming companies before and was expecting to go back and forth several times until what I originally requested was created, but [Gozynta] got it right the first time. Very awesome.
    Scott from Idaho
    During a series of integration calls, your professionalism and expertise was apparent, and it became obvious we made the right decision.
    Doug from Massachusetts

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    in the meantime, here’s a bit about us.

    Hi, I’m Brian, founder of Gozynta.

    Gozynta exists to create software solutions that make MSPs more effective.

    Gozynta grew out of Mobius Works, a Massachusetts MSP started in 1996. We bring together our experience in the MSP business with hard-won experience writing custom software across a variety of businesses.

    The name Gozynta originated with my grandfather. When I was a kid, if he was working on fixing something, he’d inevitably end up asking for the gozynta (or perhaps gazinta, or guzinta). If I asked what the gazinta was, he’d point to what he’s working on (for example an empty screw hole) and say it’s the thing that “goes into” here. Considering that our products make data go from one system into another, it seemed like the perfect name for my new company.

    The most important part of a company is the people. Our customers being the most critical of these. The next most important is our internal team. The founding team of Gozynta consists of four people

    I’m the CEO and provide leadership in all areas. I’ve always been interested in IT, starting with my middle school days when I had subscriptions to PC Computing and PC Magazine. I’ve worked in the industry in one way or another in my entire career while also having my fingers in finance, business consulting, sales, and software development roles. With Gozynta, for the first time I’m in a company whose whole business is developing software products, this lets me work with many more businesses than ever before.

    Heather Johnson my wife, works by my side in business as well as our family. Heather has worked as a business advisor for growing businesses for many years, focusing on marketing and the customer experience. She has organized large-scale events including the 2015 and 2016 President’s Interfaith Campus Challenge for the Department of State and an Interfaith Tour to Southeast Asia. Heather was a member of the senior leadership team at Hartford Seminary for five years and earned her MBA from the University of Hartford. Her vices are an addiction to college classes (just one more...), and The British Baking Show.

    Tyson Holub our lead software engineer, is a born and raised western Mass native. A Taurus by sign, he's attracted to the finer details in life, and finds pleasure in translating complex problems into aesthetically pleasing code. As a graduate summa cum laude, you can rest assured your data is in good hands with him. When he's not making your data go zynta things, you might find him boating on the Connecticut River, jumping out of an airplane, or taking a vacation in wine country.

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