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Heather Johnson

Co-Founder, CEO

I am an MBA graduate with a distinguished career as a business consultant and the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Gozynta. Since the company's inception in 2018, I have played a critical role in shaping its direction, focusing on developing robust sales, marketing, support, HR, and business development functions. My leadership philosophy centers on fostering an inclusive corporate culture, which has been instrumental in achieving remarkable diversity milestones, including a technical team that is 50% female and reflects significant racial diversity. My commitment to inclusivity is evident across all aspects of the organization, from recruitment practices to our marketing strategies, ensuring that Gozynta is recognized not only for its business achievements but also for its integrity and diverse workforce. Prior to joining Gozynta, I contributed to the leadership team of an internationally renowned interfaith university, where I also earned my MBA. This experience, coupled with my responsibilities in organizing events at the White House, has honed my skills in strategic planning and leadership. The Star Wars character I draw parallels to is Princess Leia, embodying her dedication to justice and unity in my approach to leadership and advocacy for diversity and inclusivity in the technology sector. My goal is to not only advance Gozynta's success but also to serve as a catalyst for positive change in the industry, championing a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

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Allen Edwards

President of Consulting

Allen began his I.T. career in 1994 and founded his first I.T. company in 2002. He led the firm through a transition from break/fix to MSP. After founding Eureka Process in 2017, he released his first book, Process and the Other “P Word (Which is Also Process) in 2022, and his firm was acquired by Gozynta in 2023 where he still serves as head of consulting and co-owner. As a self-proclaimed entrepreneur he has also founded MSP Hire, an IT recruiting firm, and Trickster’s Hideout, a coffee shop and event venue, during 2023. Allen enjoys working with business leaders to create meaningful, growth-centered relationships that support next level performance. He aims to offer his clients a sense of relief from the demand and complexity of running a successful MSP and reinvigorates teams with enthusiasm and a sense of possibility. With a passion for adventure, Allen fills his spare time with activities such as running, scuba diving, skiing and travel. He’s even been known to play a video game or two.

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Ben Terry

Senior Consultant

U.S. Air Force, NASA, UPS, FedEx, Eureka Process. What do each of these organizations have in common? Could it be they all secretly serve as clandestine fronts for the British Spy Agency, MI5? Or maybe, they were integral in cultivating Ben’s passion for process improvement and leadership. The year was 1993. The place was San Antonio, Texas. FedEx District Director Roy Holley, (author of The Power of Moral Leadership) inspired me to take a decades’ long journey of self-discovery and personal growth to become more effective in process improvement and leadership development. This life- changing journey introduced me to other key influencers along the way, most significantly Dr. J. Clint Anderson and Dr. David Ferguson both men helping shape my understanding & desire to serve others through process & authentic relationship. I landed my first role in the IT MSP industry as a vCIO almost a decade ago. The 6 years I spent at my first MSP, were incredibly significant for exposing me to a deep culture of process lived out in trusting relationships with co-workers and clients within the MSP industry. Opportunities for greater leadership responsibility most recently led Ben to the role of Regional Sales Director for a large nationwide MSP firm. Ben is excited to bring his years of service and experience to Eureka Process clients and team members in order to help them also enjoy the fruits of their labor through process improvement and leadership. If I were a Star Wars character? I admit I am most drawn to Han Solo but probably most like Luke Skywalker. I too grew up in very humble, rural beginnings and was heavily influenced by my Yoda grandfather to join the Force. The US Air Force that is. I have continued to seek guidance from others along the way in order to improve as a leader and teammate so that together we can all be victorious over the “dark side”. My wife has endured 42 years of shenanigans with me and those shenanigans have produced 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 2 additional “adopted” children, who are all happily married as well. We love working around our Texas “ranchette” in addition to adventurous travels throughout the US and abroad.

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Brendan Bastine

Technical Support Agent

With a rich history spanning 16 years in leadership, I have had the privilege of leading teams ranging from teams of 4 to robust teams of 125 individuals. I have spent the past decade in the role of a Service Delivery Manager, cementing my reputation as a seasoned IT professional with a comprehensive skill set. I bring extensive leadership experience and a proven track record in IT service management built on the sturdy foundations of ITIL 4. As a seasoned and results-driven IT professional, my forte lies in extensive leadership, coupled with a stellar track record in IT service management. My expertise spans IT operations, service desk management, IT documentation, process creation and implementation, project management, technical support, IT sales, and a comprehensive understanding of MSP software and their configurations. Armed with a unique blend of business acumen, leadership acumen, and technical proficiency, I am poised to make impactful contributions to any MSP. If I was a Star Wars character, I’d be Obi Wan Kenobi. Why? Because, much like the wise Jedi, I’ve got a strong moral compass, and I tackle problems with thoughtfulness and precision. I bring the force of skills, and just like Obi, I lead my teams with kindness, understanding, patience, and respect.

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Alfonso Mena

Accounting and Finance Consultant

I am your go-to finance guy with 10+ years of expertise designing and supporting business processes, management accounting, and reporting activities in companies of various sizes ranging from small startups to large corporations. I have worked in IT and telecommunications sectors across Europe, Latin America, and the United States. I am based in Madrid, Spain and in my role at Gozynta, I aim to help smaller companies achieve success. I am passionate about bringing new ideas to life and improving existing infrastructures and processes. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family and friends. I especially enjoy travel and being active. I have traveled to over 40 different countries and my current hobbies include surfing, scuba diving, and golf. If I were a Star Wars character, I would be Han Solo because he is an adventure seeker, willing to take on any challenges.