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Illustration of bees flying from an open envelope containing an invoice towards an online portal, symbolizing the Gozynta Payments workflow.
Illustration symbolizing the feature Invoice Simplicity

Invoice Simplicity

Your customer will receive their invoice with a payment link, branded with your logo, from your own email domain! Attached is a .pdf of the invoice from ConnectWise Manage, in the form you know and love!

Illustration symbolizing the feature Payment with Ease

Payment with Ease

Once your customer clicks the link in their invoice email, they can pay via credit card or ACH.

Illustration symbolizing the feature Clear Confirmation

Clear Confirmation

After your customer completes their payment, they will receive a clear confirmation.

Illustration symbolizing the feature Viewable by You

Viewable by You

Once the payment is complete, Gozynta Mobius syncs the completed payment over to QuickBooks Online for you to view! It is then synced back over to ConnnectWise Manage once a day.

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Payment processing charges

We are passing on the savings to you with Interchange Plus Pricing. Unlike traditional flat-rate fees, our transparent approach breaks down each transaction, showing you the precist interchange fees and our minimal workup. Tailored for businesses of all sizes, especially those with high transaction volumes, Interchange Plus Pricing ensures you only pay for what you need - which potentially lowers your overall costs and provides clear insights into your expenses.

United States

Merchant Service Fees

Interchange*Variable cost per item
Transaction Fee$0.25 per item
Visa/MC/Disc/Amex Fee0.35% per item
Disputed Transactions$25.00 per item
Monthly Service Fee$20.00 per month
PCI Compliance$18.80 per quarter
Annual Regulatory Fee$59.95 annually

Interchange is public, published pricing provided by the card brands. This is estimated to be 2.95%.
See charges for: (on their respective websites) Mastercard, Visa, Visa Continued

ACH Service Fees

Transaction Fee1.25% per item
Monthly Fee$10.00 monthly
Minimum$25.00 monthly

If you do not see your location listed - reach out to our support team and submit a request with your name and location.
To sign up for payments, you must have a full-price Gozynta Standard subscription.

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