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About Andrew Hamlin
Andrew Hamlin is the Director of Software Development at Gozynta, Inc. He is a software engineering leader focused on Software Craftsmanship, Distributed Systems, and Software Delivery best practices. He has worked with multiple technology start-ups over the past twenty years.

Prior to entering software development, Andrew's early career was in music. He spent a few years as a freelance audio engineer, eventually running his own recording studio and independent record label in the mid-90s at the dawn of digital music production.

Digging deeper into computer technology led him to discover a newly released little operating system called Linux, around 1995. After spending too many nights playing "adventure", and compiling XFree86 on Slackware from dozens of floppy disks, he switched careers from audio engineering to software engineering.
Articles by Andrew Hamlin
Lean Forecasting with Google Sheets

Lean Forecasting with Google Sheets

Posted on October 15, 2021

This article shows how to build the sets of metrics and charts to perform probabilistic forecasting. Forecasting can be used to answer either of the following questions.

  • When may we complete N items?
  • How Many items may we complete by D date?

Mobius is listed in Intuit's QuickBooks App Store

Posted on September 10, 2021

Gozynta Mobius is listed in the Intuit QuickBooks App Store after passing an exhaustive review process. Mobius is the only ConnectWise Manage integration for QuickBooks currently available in the app store.

Gozynta Mobius Passes Intuit Security Review

Gozynta Mobius Passes Intuit Security Review

Posted on August 31, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Gozynta Mobius is now listed in Intuit's QuickBooks App Store. Applications listed are required to meet numerous requirements including clearing an annual security review process. Mobius is the first and only ConnectWise integration to have successfully completed this review and be listed in the store.