We'll bee there for you support is our 9 am to 5 p.m ET email support for Break Fix issues. This is what is included underneath our support that comes with our Mobius Lite and Standard plans.

Errors related to bugs.

Examples of Common Errors from Tickets:

  • Everything was working yesterday, but I just sent a batch over but not all of my details came over on the invoice.
  • Unknown Error: Contact Support
  • My expenses are not transferring over correctly.
  • I want to start using classes. I have set them up in ConnectWise but they are not transferring over correctly.
  • I am getting this weird tax error, I have not changed anything in my taxes. Can you see why it is giving me this error?

Questions asked regarding how a particular setting within Mobius works.

Examples of common Questions encountered.

  • What does Append Account Name do?
  • What is the difference between these options for Vendor Invoice date?
  • My Quickbooks Online connection says it is disconnected. How do I reconnect it?

Questions asked about making a change in your settings.

Examples of common Questions encountered.

  • I am changing my Quickbooks Online Company to a new company. How do I do that?
  • I am trying to enable AutoSync but I only want to sync Invoices and Payments. How do I do that?
  • I want to start using locations in Quickbooks Online. How do I enable that in Mobius?

What is not covered under support?

  • Anything that falls under setup. Examples of Common setup issues.
  • GL Account Mapping issues related to GL Accounts not being set up properly. This includes but not limited to GL Mapping for Products, Invoicing, Customers, Vendors, etc.
  • System Setup of your ConnectWise Integration or Quickbooks Online.
  • Creating a Chart of Accounts.
  • Creating GL Account entries.
  • Errors related to any of the above issues. These errors are normally seen in the first 90 days of setting up and using Mobius. They are also seen when a partner has made some changes in their GL Mappings for products and services. As well as creating new Customers.

If you wish to have more support. We do have a premiere support plan that you can purchase. You can view that on this blog post HERE.

We also have our On-boarding package that you can purchase as well. You view what all is included in that package on this knowledge base article: Gozynta Onboarding Package

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