I was thinking this weekend about sixth grade. That was many years ago now but I remember that my mom signed me up for a ballroom dancing class. Oy! It was a little cringy in hindsight but work with me here.

I would get all dressed up in my slacks and penny loafers and on Tuesday night we would learn to dance with various dance partners as we went around the circle. I had some crushes back then and really wanted to be a good dance partner. From the fashion to the dance moves to the gentlemanly mannerisms, I wanted to make an impression. Well, I don't know 100% for sure, but those dance moves have helped me on the dance floor as an adult and it's possible that my current wife was wooed by them, so much so that we choreographed a dance to Frank Sinatra at our wedding. Who would have guessed?

And this matters to you why? Well, I have been working on this article to share with you about leading an MSP to an attractive exit and it kind of has all the attributes of that sixth grade ballroom dancing class. You'll see in the article that it requires you dress up, to have clean and confident financials. It requires that you know the important steps of the dance, like what data is important to know and measure. It requires that you know when to lead and when to follow.

In this download, you're not going to come out of it a tremendous ballroom dancer. But you will come out of it with a much better understanding of how to make the moves that are important to realizing the equity value opportunity in your MSP.

Click Here to the Download and email me at russell.benaroya@stride.services if it moves you.

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