As you probably already have heard, there have been changes to the Mobius Connect Legacy integration.

THIS POST IS OUT OF DATE - please refer to our more recent blog posts.

We have had lots of upgrades so far and some questions, as well. We thought it may be helpful to answer some of these questions you may have about these changes and upgrading to Gozynta Mobius Standard:

Will I need to set things up or learn something different to use Gozynta Mobius?

No. Gozynta Mobius is based on the Mobius Connect that you are used to. The user interface and workflow in the new Mobius will be the same as what you're used to with the old Mobius. We spent the last two years updating it to work with ConnectWise’s REST API, improving error messages to be more helpful, and thoroughly testing everything in preparation for this upgrade. It is the same tool you are used to, just a lot better.

For a list of all the user-facing improvements in the new platform see our last 2 release notes: Version 1.1 and Version 1.2

We’ve been beta-testing the new version with select Legacy customers throughout 2020. Starting in September it’s the only version that we’ve sold to new customers. Now it’s ready for everyone and we’re excited to bring it to you.

What if I don't like Gozynta Mobius, is there a downgrade option?

We will make sure that you’ll love Gozynta Mobius, so no worries there.

We don't have a way to move you back to the old plan billed through ConnectWise after the upgrade. We stopped selling that legacy version in September since ConnectWise has deprecated the APIs it uses. We don’t want to put customers on a dead-end product that’s going to stop working in the future.

We can however, in the case that something new in Mobius negatively impacts your account, move your account back to the old code temporarily while we fix the problem. That way if you do run across a bug in the new version it will have minimal impact on your business.

Why should I choose Gozynta Mobius over a different tool?

Gozynta Mobius is the most full-featured and mature QBO sync tool for ConnectWise Manage. We’ve been refining Mobius for the past eight years and we have a customer base of over a thousand MSPs using our platform.

This change is the latest refinement of the tool you’re used to in our efforts to give our customers the best experience possible. Don’t believe us? Ask around. We have a large base of MSPs that regularly recommend our product as the market leader. This shift is proof that we’re devoted to staying the best. We’re never satisfied with how our products work, but always strive to improve our customer’s experience.

Why the price increase?

The upgrade pricing is paying for the improvements we've made over the last two years, more improvements to come, and support directly from us rather than This money is being re-invested into our products to make them work better for you. Our goal is to provide more value than we take, and if you feel we're not doing that then please let us know how we can.

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