Important information about upcoming Mobius Connect changes As some of you have already noticed we have made some changes to our product line and our website.

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Important information about upcoming Mobius Connect changes

As some of you have already noticed we have made some changes to our product line and our website. We have a new product called Gozynta Mobius which is sold and supported by our team and our existing Mobius Connect integration for QuickBooks Online became a Legacy product.

History and how we’ve gotten here

Back in 2012 we were working for an MSP called Mobius Works. ConnectWise subsidized the development of the series of accounting integrations that we now call Mobius Connect.
The integrations were developed by us, but sold and supported exclusively by ConnectWise. The year our most recent integrations were released (2015) ConnectWise also released their new REST API as a replacement for the SOAP API that all of these integrations were built on.

In the last 5 years the SOAP API has been deprecated by ConnectWise. ConnectWise did not want to make the investment needed to uplift these integrations to the new REST API.

Two years ago Gozyna spun off from Mobius Works. I wanted to form a separate company to give Mobius and Tixt the attention they deserve.
At this time we began work on the new Gozynta Mobius Quickbooks Online integration. That work has now been completed and we’re offering it as a new product.

Announcing Gozynta Mobius

This new version is not just a change of the APIs that we use to access Manage, but we’ve also upgraded our entire software stack to modern best-in-class frameworks and hosting practices.
This version also includes:

This was a major investment for the future of this product. To stand alone, while giving the product the support it deserves, we need to adjust to more appropriate pricing.
While our website lists the new pricing for any new customers that sign up, we will be honoring our Legacy customer’s commitment to our product by offering a deep discount for Legacy customers who choose to upgrade.

This is our first step forward stand alone. Now that we’ve finished the required platform upgrades you can expect to see a more aggressive feature release schedule.
For example our next release (out within the next 60 days) is targeting making the upgrade process for you as smooth as possible, but also an improved expense batching option that will let you no longer have to choose between expenses and bills and non-reimbursable expenses, and better user visibility into sales tax mappings (easier to see which method of tax mapping is being applied).

Once the v1.2 release is out we’ll send a full set of release notes, details on how to upgrade, and the Legacy upgrade discount.

What does “legacy status” mean?

Legacy status simply means we’re not making improvements to the product anymore.
We have no plans to shut off the current version of Mobius Connect and you can choose not to upgrade to Gozynta Mobius.
However, Mobius Connect Legacy is built on Connectwise’s old SOAP API, and when Connectwise stops supporting that API Mobius Connect Legacy will stop working.
The support and billing for this product will continue to be provided by Connectwise for as long as they choose to continue to support it.

What happens now?

Gozynta Mobius is available for new customers at

Current customers of Mobius Connect Legacy will receive an email with your next steps as soon as our transition plan is ready.

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