Release Date: Rolling release beginning March 31, 2023

These are all of the front-facing fixes we’re rolling out in v1.11. There are a ton of back-end fixes as well as the groundwork for Gozynta Payments’ customer portal and user management. Stay tuned for further advancements for v1.12, in the early summer 2023.

Thank you for choosing Mobius, the best and only independently owned ConnectWise PSA to QuickBooks Online sync tool! We are constantly working to improve our product and appreciate any feedback you have.

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Gozynta Mobius, V1.11 Release Notes

Gozynta Payments Settings:

  • Previously, the Payments Settings page was confusing to users who were finding it difficult to understand what they needed to do to set up payments. In addition, the page did not clearly show whether or not payments had been set up, and some options were not relevant depending on the user's payment status.
  • The payments settings page has been updated to make more sense for you: we’re now providing clearer instructions on how you can get started with using Gozynta Payments, with easy links to the pre-filled sign up email, pricing, and documentation.
  • If you’ve already set up Gozynta Payments, you won’t see any change other than removing our note encouraging you to sign up!

Login Page Redirects:

  • With updating our version numbers and segmenting features to specific versions, our URL often specified version number for making sure the right users are given the right features at the right time as well as troubleshooting on our side! However, with recent updates, users who had bookmarked a previous version URL were not being redirected to their most up-to-date page, so we fixed that.

Autosync Improvements:

  • Our Autosync module is setup to disable itself (and send an email to you) if it fails to complete a sync with unexpected failure, whether due to settings or API problems, so you don’t have a ton of invoices with errors being created automatically without your knowledge.
  • Several partners reported intermittent disconnection. Further investigation showed that sometimes the ConnectWise API will time out, causing an error in the Sync process and triggering module disablement.
  • We have now added error handling that will add appropriate logging for API Time-outs and only automatically disable when expected.

Autosync Email URL Redirects:

  • As mentioned above, the Autosync module sends you an email when met with a failure. In this email, we link you to the failing batch, but the URL was not redirecting as expected when you weren’t logged in.
  • Links now correctly redirect even when the user is unauthenticated.

White Labeling with your Company Logo:

  • Previously, if you didn’t add a company logo for your emails with Gozynta Payments, our system would error.
  • You now have the option to not have a company logo, although we highly recommend adding one, in fact we feel it’s a very important feature to make sure your customers know your invoice is coming from you!

QuickBooks Online Character Limit Handling:

  • QuickBooks Online holds a 21-character limit, which was causing issues for some users, specifically those who use a combination of the internal CW expense ID with the CW member identifier.
  • QuickBooks Online would not allow Mobius to create the given item or expense and you would need to manually edit those items.
  • We’re now truncating long strings to 21 characters.

COGS Knowledgebase Link:

  • The knowledgebase link for cost of goods sold (COGS) was broken. We’ve updated the link to the correct one, here it is if you’re curious about why we find GL Mappings so very important!

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