Release Date: Rolling release beginning October 4th, 2021

New Features

New Option for Upgraded Support!

We have launched a premier support plan, which includes screen shares and priority ticket status. This is an annual contract priced at $299 per month. This will include 3 hours of remote desktop support per month. Note: There will be an up-charge of $175 per hour for time over the 3 hour maximum. To purchase this upgraded support, please contact us at support@gozynta.com.

Customer PO, Sales Rep, and Reference Fields... Ready to Sync!

Many have asked so we are happy to announce that we are now syncing more fields from your ConnectWise invoice to QuickBooks Online! We will now also sync Customer PO, Sales Rep, and the Reference fields on invoices. All three of these fields will sync to Quickbooks Online and show on the “Message on Invoice” field on the QuickBooks Online invoice.

See What's New as a Pop-up in App!

You will now get a pop up of these release notes within Gozynta Mobius once your account has been upgraded! You will always be in the know when there is a change to your account.

Unique Batch IDs

We have updated the batch id to include a UUID at the end of each batch. This will allow each batch to have a more unique batch id.

Bug Fixes

Quickbooks Online Bills created from Connectwise Purchase Orders will have their DocNumber truncated to 21 characters. This is due to Quickbooks Online having a character limit of 21 characters for document numbers.

Removed Legacy QuickBooks Online OAuth1 expiration logic.

Standardized our call to action for Knowledge Base articles. For all Knowledge Base Articles related to errors. They will read; “Please see our Knowledge Base Article for more details on [error type]” Here is an example of what that will look like.


Fixed error message when a credit memo is processed during a payment sync, but the balance of the Credit Memo in ConnectWise does not match the amount being used in the payment. More specifically, when a credit memo does not have a sufficient balance in ConnectWise to apply the amount in the payment coming from Quickbooks Online.


Fixed bug where invoice details stop processing when too many warnings were encountered on a single invoice.

Updated more errors with knowledge base articles.

Updated the CW API Validation to no longer invalidate the API key if the CW server is temporarily unavailable.

Fixed bug due to too many redirects.

Fixed bug that caused AutoSync to fail silently if the QuickBooks Online connection was lost.

Changed the setting “Append Account Name” to be disabled by default for all new accounts.

Fixed bug on AutoSync emailing errors when a batch fails.

Fixed bug that caused the Quickbooks Online connection to repeatedly losing connection and not producing an error. This fix will now log errors related to the disconnected connection of Quickbooks Online.

Fixed the wording on the AR Invoice/Credit Memo validation message to be more clear and identify if it is an Invoice or Credit Memo that already exists in Quickbooks Online.

Fixed bug that caused uploading attachments to pause and not complete causing the batch to never finish.

Fixed bug that caused settings in Mobius Quickbooks Online Configuration to disappear whenever the Quickbooks Online configuration was disconnected.

Fixed bug that caused the integration to attempt to create customers even though we are leaving the customer blank when batching internal expenses.

Fixed bug that is produced when we attempt to calculate the rate for the memo entry when the memo has a quantity of 0.

Fixed bug that caused AutoSync emails not to go to additional emails when emailing AutoSync failures when multiple QuickBooks Online connections are present.

Fixed issue that required partners to have to wait 24 hours after subscription update for it to show in their Mobius account. We will now ping chargebee, immediately following a subscription event.

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