Release Date: Rolling release beginning December 13, 2021

We love your ideas, and we want to hear more in our NEW suggestion board.

We love getting your ideas for what we can add to Mobius to make it better! However, that comes to us in many ways, through tickets, chats, onboarding, or even when you see us at conferences. To help centralize this information, we have added a feature request board. In this board, you will be able to create your feature requests, comment on any of them, or if there is a feature request you like, you can upvote it. You can now access this board directly from Mobius! We have gone ahead and added several feature requests that were already submitted to us in there for you to check out. Have a look, make a comment, upvote, and let us know what you would like to see in Mobius!

You can now send email invoices to your customers from Gozynta Mobius!

We are always trying to bring improvements to Mobius to save you steps. With this in mind, we just removed a step from your invoice process. Just select the “Email Invoices to Customers” checkbox when you run your batch, and those invoices will be emailed to your customer during the batch process. If you turn this on by default under your AutoSync settings, then your invoices will also be automatically emailed when the next autosync runs. Please note that before using this new feature you will need to set up your Email Preferences in Mobius. If this is not set up, this feature will not work. HERE is an article on how to configure your email preferences. THIS article goes into more detail on how to use this new email invoice feature.

You asked, and we have listened!

You now have the option to skip attachments when syncing invoices.

"Bill To" Prioritization

We now prioritize the "Bill To" email address in ConnectWise over the QuickBooks Online customer email address. This override is only at the invoice level and will not affect or adjust the values at the customer level. To prevent your invoices from going to the wrong email address, we recommend updating the "Bill To" email address in ConnectWise to match the email address you wish to send the customer invoice to in the future.

Other Fixes

Fixed bug that caused partners to be stuck on the billing page after admin made a change to the partners plan.

Previously we did not show if an Item, Vendor, Billing Terms, etc., had been created or if it already existed, we only showed that it had been batch successfully. Now, when an Item, Vendor, Billing Terms, etc., are batched, we will add a message to let you know if the record was created or already exists in Quickbooks Online!

We will now sync the currency symbol on unit pricing in the description of all products and services.

Aggregating ConnectWise Expenses: Now all expenses for a member in a batch will be aggregated into a single expense bill in QuickBooks Online.

Fixed bug in payment sync that caused credit memos to be removed during sync.

Fixed bug that caused a failure when saving QuickBooks Online configuration changes

Fixed bug that when creating “SyncAll Batch” caused the “Please Wait” screen to never be dismissed.

Update GL mapping error message and add Knowledge Base article.

Fixed Typo in the “Accounting Period has closed” error message.

Add Knowledge base article to “GL Account Not Specified” error message.

For all new accounts payment auto-sync will only be included in the Mobius Standard plan under AutoSync.

Fixed bug that they cannot update the credit card on file when upgrading plan and credit card is declined. This has now been fixed, and users can update their credit card on file if it is declined.

Updated error message that’s presented when QuickBooks Online rejects a record because of an unsupported Unicode character. The error message will now let you know what character is causing the issue.

Fixed bug in payment sync that can occur because QuickBooks Online and ConnectWise Manage have different case-sensitivity logic for invoice numbers. Make sure we handle all alphanumeric invoice numbers in a case-insensitive manner. (Ex: ‘c123’ is the same as ‘C123’)

Fixed bug that caused the whole expense batch to fail when fetching expense attachments failed. With this fix, if the integration cannot find expense attachments, it won't fail the entire batch.

Fixed error message to be more clear if the date entered into the “Run Payment Sync” box is not correctly formatted.

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