The version of Mobius Connect that was sold through ConnectWise prior to September 2020 has gone into Legacy status to be replaced by our new Gozynta Mobius. We want to share some background on why this is happening and what this means.

History and how we’ve gotten here

Back in 2012 we were still working for an MSP called Mobius Works. ConnectWise subsidised the series of accounting integrations that we now call Mobius Connect. We ended up building integrations for 9 different accounting systems. The integrations were developed by us, but sold and supported exclusively by ConnectWise. The year our most recent integrations were released (2015) ConnectWise also released their new REST API as a replacement for the SOAP API that all of these integrations were built on.

In the last 5 years the SOAP API that all our accounting integrations use has been deprecated by ConnectWise, and we’ve passed at least a couple of deadlines when it was supposed to stop working. ConnectWise did not want to make the investment needed to uplift these integrations to the new REST API. Gozynta decided not to uplift eight of the integrations but did uplift the QuickBooks Online integration that had the most partners using it.

We spent over a year of development time to uplift the integration and released it in September of 2020 under the name Gozynta Mobius. This new version is not just a change of the APIs that we use to access Manage, but we’ve also upgraded our entire software stack to modern best-in-class frameworks. This version has direct support from us and additional features including the ability to auto-sync invoices. This was a major investment for the future of this product and since it’s no-longer being subsidized by ConnectWise we need to adjust our pricing accordingly.

What does “legacy status” mean?

Legacy status simply means we’re not making improvements to the product anymore. We have no plans to shut off the current version of Mobius Connect. However, Mobius Connect Legacy is built on Connectwise’s old SOAP API, and when Connectwise stops supporting that API then Mobius Connect Legacy will stop working. The support and billing for this product will continue to be provided by Connectwise for as long as they choose to continue to support it.

What is the cost of upgrading to Gozynta Mobius?

We value our loyal existing customers. While we can’t offer the new platform (and a level of customer support that we’d be proud of) at the current prices we are offering a large discount that’s only available to current customers.

Our existing Mobius Connect Legacy customers can upgrade to Gozynta Mobius Standard for $90 per month (You can see the prices and features for new customers here). This rate would be locked in as long as an active subscription is maintained. This is a limited time offer that will be available until February 28, 2021.

Do I have to set up my integration again?

If you choose to switch over to Gozynta Mobius, all of your settings will remain the same and there is no additional setup that needs to be done. (You may want to turn on your auto-sync feature). You will need to notify ConnectWise that you are canceling your Mobius Connect Legacy subscription so you don’t get double charged.

What happens if I don’t upgrade now?

If you do not upgrade, Mobius Connect will continue to run until ConnectWise shuts off their SOAP API.

Log into your Mobius Account to upgrade


Mobius Connect is now Mobius Connect Legacy, meaning it will no longer be improved.

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