Looking for a new option for accepting payments from your customers? Do you want all of the domains in the payment process to be your MSPs? Love the format of the ConnectWise Manage invoice? Do you want to use the only accounting sync tool for ConnectWise Manage that has passed Intuit’s rigorous security review?

With Gozynta Payments, you will be able to streamline sending your invoices from ConnectWise Manage with an easy-to-use payment link right from Mobius. One of the most significant parts of Gozynta Payments is that all emails that ask for payments come from your domain name! We know that MSPs work hard to ensure their customers do not click links from unknown email domains. Having the invoice come from your domain with your logo means no confusion on the customer's part.

When your customers receive their invoice with a payment link, it will be branded with your logo from your email domain! Attached to this email is a PDF version of your ConnectWise Manage invoice. Once your customers click the payment link, it will direct them to the payment screen, where they will have the option to pay via credit card or ACH. Once the payment has been completed, your customers will see a confirmation screen showing that their payment has been successful! After this process is complete, Gozynta Mobius will sync the completed payment over to QuickBooks Online, where you can see that the payment has been made.

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