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Gozynta Acquires Eureka Process, Bolstering Process Consulting Expertise

Delaware, August 1, 2023 - Gozynta, a leading SaaS provider of accounting automations for MSPs, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Eureka Process, a renowned process and strategy consulting company. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Gozynta’s commitment to improving the business processes of MSPs to make stronger companies.

Eureka Process has built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor, helping MSPs optimize their processes, improve efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. With this acquisition, Gozynta heightens their top-tier support provided for its products, Gozynta Mobius and Gozynta Payments, by integrating Eureka Process’s consultants into their support and services. This allows clients to benefit from an even wider range of expertise and insights, solving the “Why” behind our software.

We are thrilled to welcome Eureka Process to the Gozynta family. We’ve been focused on helping MSPs grow stronger by providing the best possible software automations we can build. By adding a consulting arm to our company we can both provide better customer support and onboarding to our software customers, and provide educational services that help our customers be more successful in the MSP business. Our strengths complement each other, and each company’s offerings are improving due to our collaboration.

— Brian Johnson, CEO at Gozynta.

The integration of Eureka Process into Gozynta’s family will provide MSPs with an enhanced suite of services to address their unique challenges. Through this acquisition, Gozynta aims to help organizations streamline their operations, increase productivity, and achieve sustainable growth through SaaS solutions and consulting services.

Eureka Process brings a talented team of process consultants, each with years of industry experience. Their expertise, combined with Gozynta’s deep understanding of business processes and advanced technology solutions, will enable clients to navigate complex operational hurdles and free up time for themselves.

Allen Edwards, owner and President of Eureka Process said of the acquisition:

From the day I met Heather and Brian four years ago, we found ourselves consistently looking for more ways to work together before hatching this acquisition. I’m looking forward to bringing our proven process methodology to Gozynta, receiving additional support in marketing, sales, and administration, and leveraging my time to continue to develop and improve our processes and ability to help more MSPs stop babysitting, and start profiting from their business.

The acquisition of Eureka Process by Gozynta is effective immediately, and both companies are working diligently to ensure a seamless integration process for clients and employees. Current clients of Eureka Process will continue to receive the same high-quality service they have come to expect, with the added advantage of expanded resources and capabilities. Gozynta Mobius customers will receive a higher level of support, as the Eureka team will be guiding the support department for the Gozynta line of products. New Mobius customers will also work with the Eureka team in our product onboarding process, designed to ensure customer success.

Gozynta is additionally announcing that MSP consultants can now join Gozynta’s Mobius Certified program where we certify individual consultants and promote them on our Mobius Certified Consultants page. In this program, consultants will get advanced access to releases, discount codes to pass on to customers, and an inside track on development updates. “There are lots of different approaches to the MSP business, and different models that work. Eureka’s approach will not be a fit for every MSP, and we want to ensure that other consultants are supported in our mission to help MSPs thrive.”

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About Gozynta

Gozynta is a dynamic software company dedicated to revolutionizing the lives of MSPs through forward-thinking approaches. As a family-owned enterprise, they prioritize simplicity, efficiency, and unwavering customer satisfaction, delivering a diverse range of solutions to address the common pain points encountered by MSPs.

Understanding the significance of relationships and recognizing the distinct requirements of MSPs, Gozynta values empathy at the core of their operations. Their dedicated team takes immense pride in offering groundbreaking solutions and delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring that every interaction with their products is handled with utmost care.

At Gozynta, they believe in transforming the way MSPs function. Whether it's Gozynta Payments, their white-labeled and customizable payment solution that simplifies transactions, or Gozynta Mobius, their innovative financial sync tool that eradicates manual data entry and maximizes operational efficiency, they are fully committed to empowering MSPs and facilitating their growth.

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About Eureka Process

Eureka Process is a distinguished MSP consulting firm dedicated to empowering MSPs in today's fast-paced business landscape. Their unwavering commitment lies in providing comprehensive solutions that propel businesses forward, allowing them to thrive and excel.

At Eureka Process, their team of seasoned consultants excels in creating intelligent business strategies that drive success. They are adept at ensuring the successful execution of clients' plans, enabling them to achieve their goals while addressing their unique needs. Recognizing the challenges faced by MSPs in balancing day-to-day operations with long-term objectives, Eureka Process stands as a steadfast partner in their journey.

With a strong emphasis on leadership, Eureka Process goes beyond consultation, providing valuable guidance and unwavering support. They empower clients to lead their organizations with confidence and certainty, enabling them to navigate challenges and seize opportunities effectively. By eliminating distractions and streamlining operations, Eureka Process helps clients fast-track their path to success, maximizing their potential in the dynamic business landscape.

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