How It Works

Carol Customer Reports an Issue

Carol has a problem with her computer; so, she texts SuperStar MSP’s Tixt number.

Text from Carol: 'Help! My computer's on FIRE!' Text from MSP: 'Your ticket number is 12345678. The conversation for this ticket will come from +1-555-555-5555.'

Donny Dispatcher assigns a tech

SuperStar MSP receives the ticket in Manage. Donny Dispatcher opens it, realizes it’s urgent, and assigns it to Tina Tech. Tina is visiting another client near Carol’s office.

Since Tina’s away from her computer, Donny also CCs her cell number on the ticket so she will get text message updates for new messages on the ticket.

Screenshot of Manage showing Carol's message. 'Send Notes as Tixt' is a new pod in the ticket entry screen.  We're showing the ticket resource (Tina Tech) being selected as a texting contact on this ticket.

Carol Customer sends a photo

In the meantime, Carol Customer has received a ticket creation notice from the system and sends along a photo of her screen to help troubleshoot the problem.

Phone screenshot with image attachment}

MMS Images Into Manage

Carol Customer’s image shows up as an attachment in Manage.

Screenshot of attachment in Manage}

Donny Responds From Manage

While waiting for Tina Tech to respond, Donny Dispatcher also does his best to triage the ticket. He adds notes to the ticket discussion in Manage which get sent both to Tina Tech and Carol Customer.

Screenshot of Donny entering 'Have you tried turning it off and an again?' in Manage ticket notes.}

Tina Tech Gets The Message

Tina Tech immediately recognizes the problem as a familiar one and responds from her phone. Carol Customer can expect her problem to be resolved in short order.

Screenshot of Tina's phone showing message history - Tina responds 'I see the problem. I'm pushing out a patch that will fix it now.'

Carol Customer's Problem is Solved

The fix Tina Tech pushed out from her RMM worked!

Screenshot of Carol's phone - Carol responds 'Wow! That worked, thanks Tina!'

Tina Tech Closes The Ticket

Tina Tech then opens her computer, fixes the problem from her RMM, and then logs the task in Manage.

She enters the final note on the ticket, clicks “discussion” so it will be sent to Carol Customer, and marks the ticket to be closed.

In one fell swoop, Tina has updated the customer, closed the ticket, and entered her time so she can get on to her next task quickly.

Screenshot of Manage time entry window with final message, ticket status changed to closed, and Add notes to Discussion.}

Our Work Here Is Done

Carol Customer receives Tina Tech’s final update, as well as a ticket closed notification.

The staff at SuperStar MSP has saved the day yet again!

Screenshot of Carol's phone with final message (Ticket # 12345 has been resolved. If you have a new issue please text +1-555-555-5000) and ticket closed message.

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