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Brian and Heather Johnson

We're Brian and Heather the CEO and COO of Gozynta.

Gozynta's a small company. We’re profitable, but we prioritize investments into our products and employees over profits for ourselves (IE: we stay just profitable enough to keep the company healthy).

We sell tools to make IT MSPs more efficient. Our customers are often tech-led and so there’s lots of opportunity to help them automate the non-technical parts of their business so that they can focus on their core-competency. The businesses we serve are also mostly small businesses, and it can be rewarding to help other small companies find their success.

We enjoy helping other people and other businesses be successful. The better job we do at this, the more successful we’ll be. To help us all have the visibility of where our customers are struggling, each developer gets assigned one customer support ticket each week. Working directly with our customers gives us insights into the product that we can’t get any other way.

Being part of a small team has both benefits and drawbacks. Everyone has a voice and everyone is making major contributions to the company’s success. Every new subscription signup shows up in a shared Slack channel so that we can celebrate our success together. At our size, developing and supporting a growing user base makes every day dynamic and rewarding. There is always more to learn and improve, and we are evolving a DevOps mindset and culture to enable our success. We can’t match the inflated salaries and benefits of many of the venture backed companies, but since we’re bootstrapped we’re stable and not worried about losing our jobs if a funding round falls through. We don’t offer unlimited vacation, but we encourage everyone to use all of their vacation every year. We’re looking for long-term success rather than a short term exit. To the right candidate, this will sound appealing.

We’re a fully remote company, and expect to stay that way. We’d rather draw talent from across the whole country than limit ourselves to the people in our local area. We’re committed to providing the equipment you need to do your job well, and expect you to find a workspace that lets you work well (company paid-for coworking is potentially a negotiable option if you don’t have a suitable working space).

Our company motto: “We understand that all software sucks, even ours. Our mission is to make it suck a little less each and every day” reflects our recognition that we need to continually work to improve. More on our core values here.