We are beyond thrilled to announce that our very own Heather Johnson, COO and co-founder of Gozynta, has been honored as one of CRN’s Women of the Channel for 2024. This recognition is a testament to Heather’s incredible contributions to the channel and her unwavering dedication to leadership in our industry.

Heather's Journey with Gozynta

Heather co-founded Gozynta with her husband, Brian Johnson, with a clear vision: to create software that simplifies complex processes for MSPs. Their journey began with Gozynta Mobius, and quickly evolved to include all of the solutions that Gozynta is known for today.

At the heart of Gozynta’s success is Heather’s empathetic leadership which drives our team to understand the unique challenges faced by MSPs and finding innovative solutions to address these issues. This customer-centric approach has been instrumental in the development of our solutions and services, like the Eureka Growth Program - a program in which Eureka will act as a C-Suite to your MSP, where we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. This program was grown from the seeds of empathy, always putting your needs first.

The Significance of CRN's Recognition

The CRN Women of the Channel list recognizes influential women leaders whose vision, expertise, and contributions are shaping the future of the channel. Being included in this prestigious list underscores Heather’s exceptional leadership and the positive impact she has had on both Gozynta and the broader IT community.

Heather’s recognition by CRN is not just an individual accolade; it reflects the collective efforts and values of the entire Gozynta team. Under Heather’s guidance, we have built a company culture that values empathy, innovation, and continuous improvement. Her leadership inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring that we deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

Congratulations, Heather! We are incredibly proud of you and grateful for your leadership and vision.