How do you set yourself apart from the other MSPs in your area? Are you looking to offer new services? Are you, like many others, focusing on the customer experience to create a connection that will stand the test of time?

Customer experience is different from customer service in that it is ever interaction that your customers have with your company. It includes the ease of contacting an MSP and maintaining a low frustration point in troubleshooting issues.

Text messaging can assist to keep the temperature gauge of your customers at a nice cool level.

  • Meet customers where they are. Almost everyone has their smartphone within reach while at work, at home, while commuting. When they have a problem they need to report, let them text you if they are on the run or done for the day.
  • The Workflow keeps Whirring. How many times has a tech started to work on an issue but they have a question for the customer? Waiting for an answer costs valuable time and resources and makes for a frustrated customer when they return to find the solution delayed. A quick text can keep that workflow moving along.
  • Alternate communication when the network is down. Office 365 making you frown? A quick broadcast text can let everyone know before customers feel the pinch. A customer can’t send an email? A quick text can let you know instead of them wondering why you didn’t respond to their email.
  • Quicker Solutions. A picture paints a thousand words. A quick picture sent by MMS may troubleshoot a problem before a tech needs to reach the door.
  • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) One of the most important metrics is CLV, the net profit of the entire future relationship with your customer. Offering your customers a feature that they request is a sure fire way of increasing that number by extending the length of your contract.

Tixt is a tool for ConnectWise Manage that allows you to offer texting but still manage the conversation in tickets. You can reassign resources as needed and all the accountability is still there.

Learn more about Tixt

There is a reason why most businesses and MSPs are taking a look at their business through a customer-centric lens. When you put the customer experience at the center of your business decisions, they stay with you through time.

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