Release Date: Rolling release beginning September 26, 2022

Our last release in June launched our Gozynta Payments add-on for Mobius. It has been very busy and exciting since we released and MSPs love having a white-labeled payment solution and not having their customers clink unknown links. Everything is from their domain names and with their branding. Our 1.9 release sets the stage for our Customer Portal and improving some processes in Mobius and Payments. If you are interested in hearing more about Gozynta Payments - watch our video here.

Payments emails now have a resend option

For our partners using Gozynta Payments, our white-labeled payments solution, to get customer payments by credit card or ACH, there is now a resend button available so that if you need to resend an email for payment for your customer, you can use this button to resend.


Tax Code Mappings bug resolved

This feature release has a fix for a bug that sometimes allows for tax code mappings to be deleted if a user creates an invalid tax map code. This was so annoying and frustrating to our customers, and we felt awful when it happened. Our team often remapped these when possible. This will no longer happen and instead, will receive a message on what mapping to fix.

Purchase Order Tax Code Resolution

This resolves an issue that we discovered from one of our customers in a support ticket that batch data we were receiving from ConnectWise had the PO numbers stripped of their white space. Seems like a small issue; however, without the white space, Mobius was unable to fetch the PO in order to get the tax code on the PO. This bit of change in how the data was handled by ConnectWise made it necessary for our developers to update our code so that we could resolve the tax codes on POs correctly. (This was not a common issue)

Guard user from conflicting settings of taxes as line items and QuickBooks Online Automatic Sales Tax

A customer was experiencing some confusion around his usage of Avalara tax line items when Automatic Sales Tax was enabled in QuickBooks Online. It was an intermittent issue where we weren’t getting the Avalara tax data from Manage but caused some frustration for our customer. We wanted to ensure that taxes can be as easy as possible (because… why makes taxes more complicated), so we removed some of the options available when a user has Automatic Sales Tax enabled. This was a very interesting issue that will be the topic of an upcoming blog.

Improved error messages

No one likes to get an error message, but we work endlessly to try to remove the frustration from your error message and get you a clear answer on what is wrong so that you can quickly fix it and be back running batches again. This work never ends, and our entire team is dedicated to ensuring our messaging is as straightforward as possible and often includes links to articles for additional help. Of course, we are there if you need us but clear and correct error messages get things resolved faster and make us all happier.

  • ConnectWise read timeout results in ambiguous error message - Fixed an error message when there is a server error that says “Unknown error - Contact support.” We can certainly give a better error message then that since we know there is an issue with reaching the server. Always trying to make those error messages helpful!

  • Failed to create Item with error is missing the line number within invoice - We are always trying to make our error messaging as easy to read and fix as possible. However, there was an error message that Mobius gave when it was unable to create an item that did not have a line number within the invoice so it made it difficult for the customer to figure out which exact item when items were closely named. This error message has been resolved so it is easier to pinpoint the item number so the error can be resolved quicker.

  • 500 error page - We have a page that comes up when Mobius receives a 500 error. It says, “This is embarrassing. An email has already been sent to a technician, and we will be in touch.” Well, it was a bit embarrassing… this did not actually trigger an email, so our poor customer thought they were all set, and we didn’t know there was a problem. We have fixed this message to ask them to reach out to our support team so we can help them right away.

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