Support is important to our customers, so let’s talk about what you can expect from those services. With your purchase of either our Mobius Lite and Mobius Standard, you will receive Break/Fix Email Support. This support includes help with sudden and unexpected errors while using our products and it is only available through email.

Now you might be wondering why we only offer support through email. Simply put, there is not always a quick solution to these unexpected errors. Mobius is a very complicated program that handles many different set-ups and use-cases in both Manage and QuickBooks Online. It is a difficult product to support and our team are experts on the subject. They have studied the products extensively to be able to provide you with the best answers possible. There are many different settings in ConnectWise Manage, and when something goes wrong it could be a multitude of different reasons. It would not be efficient for customers to be on the phone with our techs for hours while they try to fix a problem.

Every once in a while, we have a partner who wants to jump on a call or a screen share and it is frustrating to them that this isn’t included in their plan. We certainly don’t want to frustrate any of our partners and that is part of the reason we don’t offer phone support or zoom support unless it is required on our end for troubleshooting (which is a very rare occurrence). As with any break/fix support it will require some troubleshooting. Issues within Mobius will usually require us to look through the data on the backend of the batch that has produced the error. After looking through batch data our support team will then work with the development team to replicate the issue, find the root cause for the error, and the best solution to help resolve the issue.

We have found over the years through first-hand experience that when trying to troubleshoot an issue with our partner, sitting on the phone is not a good use of your time or ours. Sitting on a phone or a screen share session while we work to comb through the data on the back end can make for awkward calls with long periods of silence as there is no small amount of data to sort through. Instead, we have found that answering tickets by email allows our team to work through these troubleshooting processes more efficiently and keep the time you are actively dealing with this to a minimum.

This type of support also saves you money, if we included screen shares and calls with our development team and tier 2 technicians, we would only be able to handle one ticket at a time. This would force our pricing up considerably (consider labor rates of qualified tier 2 techs). We want to offer you the fastest and easiest resolution possible at the lowest price. Through much consideration we have determined that this is the best solution.

It is important to note that our Break/Fix Email Support does not include help with set up. We have a very extensive Knowledge Base full of detailed user guides that allows our partners to quickly set up their ConnectWise to Quickbooks Online Mappings and Mobius configurations. We also provide many troubleshooting articles to enable our partners to resolve their issues with minimal assistance from us.

Sometimes, our partners would like to opt-in for extra setup support. We offer our Mobius Onboarding Package for those who need it. With this package you get a dedicated 5 hours of setup support with our Onboarding Specialist. We know setup can be a daunting task, this package is there to offer that extra support. Our Onboarding package doesn’t just have to be used at the beginning of your subscription. We have many customers that are making changes and need more hands-on support. These are all done on zoom with screen sharing and we have had 100% positive feedback from this program. You can view our Onboarding article for a full list of what is included in your purchase of Onboarding. You can purchase this add-on by contacting our support team at

For those partners that wish to have phone support, we do offer a consultation call at $175 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour. We have also launched a premier support plan which will include screen shares and priority status on tickets. This will be an annual contract priced at $299 per month. This will include 3 hours of remote desktop support per month. There will be an up-charge of $175 per hour for time over the 3 hour maximum.

That being said, we are very confident in our Break/Fix Email Support plan that is included in your subscription. We have received strong positive feedback from many loyal partners. We strongly recommend this method as it is the most efficient way to get your issues resolved.

If you have any questions about support please contact us via email at We plan to introduce the phone package in the near future, so stay tuned and let us know if you want to be one of the first partners on the plan!

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