I write this today to thank you for your support of Gozynta Mobius throughout its ten years, and also to send congratulations to the WiseSync team on being acquired by ConnectWise. We are so proud of their journey and we know it was a hard one. What I love about this community is that you can be a competitor while also being friends.

Today I woke up feeling very proud of my and my husband's decision to start Gozynta, a business dedicated to helping small and medium businesses. We don't make a fortune; we pay our employees top dollar, and we aren't the highest paid. But we are doing what we set out to do, leaving a legacy of helping MSPs achieve their goals. You may ask, do you think you will do that with a sync tool? Well, no. We have made our sync tool to give back time and save our customers money and created it to be as low priced as possible with feature parity to its competitors. That's not our legacy.

Our legacy is to build empathy into every part of our business and the tools that we create. Our legacy is to take extra time with MSPs we meet and give them business advice free of charge because we genuinely care about them. We want a business where we care about which one of our customers were negatively impacted by the pandemic, helping out wherever we could, even amidst our struggles. We volunteer our time to the National Society of IT Service Providers to help bring professionalism to the industry. I'm the board's vice president and dedicate countless hours to this because we love our people, our MSPs. I’ve also talked about the importance of the mental health of MSP owners through 5-minute-breaks.

Last month, we launched our Gozynta Payments product, the first white-labeled payment tool in the MSP space that allows your customers to pay by credit card or ACH. This allows MSPs to uphold their rule for their customers never to click an unknown link, especially when submitting payment information. The email comes from your domain, it is in your branding, and the link goes back to your domain. This was built from the eye of a former MSP, knowing what you need to enforce your security messages. Interested in seeing more? Check out our demo.

Over the next year comes the customer portal so that you can have recurring billing and customer self service.

Today, I celebrate our legacy at Gozynta. One we will proudly continue. Our legacy is to celebrate with our customers, cry with our customers and always be there for every one of them.

As always, feel free to reach out and chat, give your feedback on our feature release board, get some business advice, or just share an online cup of tea with Brian or myself.

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