If you don't know what an MSP is, start with What is an MSP? MSPs are helpers.

The MSP business is indeed quite interesting. There's a lot of variety in the tasks these companies handle, from network management to data security, to hardware upgrade planning. It's like being a digital caretaker for a business, ensuring that their digital operations run smoothly and securely.

Most of the MSP industry is all about the tech. The lesser touched on part of this business might be the more interesting, and that's the human aspect of it.

MSPs are helpers. Most founders of MSPs that I talk to have gotten into this business after they already started helping people with technology. They got into this business because they enjoy helping people. It's quite a meaningful job because you can directly see your impact on the community. MSPs not only provide technical solutions, but they also offer personalized support that can profoundly impact a business's growth and survival. It's a highly rewarding career choice for those who truly care about helping others.

On the other hand, MSPs have a lot of challenges. Technology is critical to people's jobs today. The people that are hiring MSPs don’t fully understand it, but they need it. That leaves a feeling of insecurity. When people feel insecure, they get defensive. The result of this is often that the MSP's customers often lash out at the very people trying to help them solve their problem. It can be very mentally and emotionally taxing, bearing the brunt of this frustration. I often see the other side of this too, MSP employees who are burnt-out. Through the stress of taking on the issues of their customers, and the pressure of knowing that any downtime is costing their customers time and money, they lose sight of the rewarding aspects that enticed them into this business in the first place.

The cream of the crop MSPs will then be the ones who can master both the technology and help guide people through their emotional struggles. Therapist for both the person and the computer. It's a testament to the complexity of the industry and the people within it.

At Gozynta we serve as a support system for these crucial technical beings. We're proud to provide products and services to help the helpers as it were. We're always striving to do better to help alleviate the stress, in any way we can, for these people who do a very important job.

We provide that support in two ways:

  • We offer our Mobius and Tixt software products that solve common problems for MSPs. We build and improve these products with a craftsman's care, to be a beacon of reliability in their technology stack.
  • We offer a wide range of consulting, support, and training services under our Eureka Process brand. Doing for these technology experts' businesses what they do for their customer's technology.



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